3MJ Stabilizer View

About the Aircraft

The Cessna Skyhawk is the most popular single-engine aircraft in the sky, and it has a great safety record. Course Agent's Skyhawk is a 1982 172-P model. Its "N" number is N293MJ, and it's equipped with dual VORs, glideslope and DME. 3MJ is a solid IFR platform—for ILS, VOR, DME, and NDB approaches. There's a GPS, too, though it's rated for VFR flight only.

The GPS system is a Garmin GNC 250XL, the data of which is updated annually. The basic navigation features are relatively easy to use; however, pilots are encouraged to download and review Garmin's Pilot's Guide and Reference.

Pilots are also encouraged to download and review the 1982 C-172-P Pilot's Operation Handbook; a physical copy of the POH is kept in the right-seat back pocket of the aircraft along with the aircraft's weight and balance information.

3MJ is maintained by PlaneSmart Aircraft Services, LLC. It received an annual inspection on July 25, 2010. And its IFR checks (static pressure, altimeter, and transponder) were performed June 4, 2010. Kimmel Aviation Insurance is Course Agent Flying's insurance agent; Starr Aviation is the underwriter.

3MJ is located at Cleveland Municipal Airport (KRNV) in a hangar convenient to the ramp.