Course Agent Flying


Welcome to Course Agent Flying, a unique aviation service located in Cleveland, Mississippi. Course Agent Flying is a division of Course Agent, LLC, which is a small, Mississippi-based instructional design firm. Course Agent owns a 1982 Cessna Skyhawk, which it purchased in October 2008 both to support and to expand its business opportunities.

Course Agent uses the aircraft for incidental business as well as for research and development. Additionally, it rents the aircraft to qualified pilots and student pilots, with an end goal of evolving educational media and new media systems suited to clients in aviation-related and education-related disciplines.

in The News

Course Agent Flying has been featured in the Business Pulse section of The Cleveland Current (November 28, 2010; A12-13). Read Taylor Mitchell's article, "Course Agent Flying," on The Current website.

in Development

1. The Pilot Pilot is an experiment in e-learning system development, including "smart document" prototypes for private pilot certifications and ratings; these are intended to engage students via WWW and smartphone technologies and provide cost-effective tracking and analyses for small FBO managers and independent flight instructors.

2. As the Crow Flies is a Cleveland-based sightseeing service that promotes the culture, history, geography, and geology of the Mississippi Delta. Development includes GeoPDFs to provide "moving map" tours.

3. Ed Aloft proposes a non-profit organization that leverages aviation and aviators to engage students in K-12 academic subjects, with an emphasis on math and science.