Aircraft Rental

Gas Up

The best way to pay for airplane rental time is to become a "frequent flyer." Frequent flyers rent in 5-hour and 10-hour blocks and fly 3 to 5 hours per month. The rental rate for frequent flyers is $115 per hour (fuel included).

Infrequent fliers pay a little more ($120 per hour, fuel included). Whether you rent just once or fly religiously, you will need to qualify to rent the aircraft before you fly. If you are already qualified to rent, all you need to do is follow these easy steps:

1. Check the Calendar. Make sure the aircraft is not already reserved by another pilot.
2. Make a Reservation. Complete a short online form; your reservation will be confirmed by email within a few hours.
3. Pay Your Deposit. Funds must be deposited and cleared (electronically) before the aircraft can be rented.

Qualification process

If you have an interest in renting the aircraft—for pleasure, incidental business or flight lessons—you will need to contact the owner/operator at: or 662.545.1004. All renters are required to sign and submit a renter's agreement. Renters not receiving flight instruction must complete a check-out ride with an approved flight instructor. Please be prepared to show and to provide copies of the following documents:

1. Pilot's Certificate

2. Medical/Class

3. Driver's License

4. Proof of Citizenship

5. Logbook (last flight review, and last 10 hours)