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Whether you're a tourist who wants to know more about the region or a local who wants to take pictures of the family farm, you will be smitten with the views at 3,000 feet: a tapestry of crop lands, catfish ponds, and river bends.

Because Cleveland Municipal Airport (KRNV) is only 17 miles east of the Mississippi River and central to most things Mississippi Delta, it's an excellent spot to begin and end a "flighty conversation" on a broad range of topics—catfish, the Blues, steamboats, bird migrations, King Cotton, oxbow lakes, levees, indian mounds, the Civil War, 16th-section lands, farming, crop dusting, hunting camps, Mark Twain and Hernando de Soto.


Course Agent charges $160 per hour for single-passenger flights and $200 per hour for double-passenger flights around the Delta. Flights generally depart for signtseeing on westerly routes (overflying the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers, Rosedale and Greenville) and southeasterly routes (overflying the Tallahatchie, Yalobusha, and Yazoo Rivers, Indianola and Greenwood). Course Agent is working with local academics to develop a series of scripted tours (Project As the Crow Flies). If you have more than a passing interest in some feature of the Mississippi Delta, let us know. We'll do what we can to provide an informed, engaging experience. Please check the website from time to time for descriptions of more specialized tours as they evolve. To schedule a sightseeing trip, just complete our reservation form.